The progression of skin...

The progression of skin...

Who wants that Skincare Glow? I am a “Glow Getter” in constant search of the best ways to keep the skin looking young, healthy, and vibrant. The reality is that aging happens. Professionals in the Skincare industry insist that anti aging products should begin at the age of 18. We want to preserve your skin as it ages so that ten years from now, your skin will look as youthful as it does today.

At the age of 25, experts find that our bodies stop producing as much collagen and our skin begins to lose its elasticity. Skin can also dull while dark spots begin to emerge with sun damage. Some have acne scars to contend with from their teenage years. Unfortunately, people only begin to start taking care of their skin once they see visible signs of aging. 

From the ages of 35 to 50, more drastic changes in the skin begin. There are more visible signs as the skin thins, and collagen significantly decreases. Wrinkles develop around the eyes, along with the face while collagen and elastin continue to soften and dissipate.

From the age of 50-70 women go through menopause and hormonal changes with new wrinkles developing with the skin drastically becoming thinner. For people who started taking care of their skin in their younger years, they will have less environmental damage (sun), and fewer wrinkles. Their overall appearance will appear younger and fresher. 

The moral of this story is that it is so important to start taking care of your skin now. No matter where you are with age, skin continues to wrinkle or sag. You are the hero of this story. Make your skin a priority.

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