On Sunday's we Mask

On Sunday's we Mask


As the year draws to a close, my heart is glowing with pride as so many of my clients have chosen to invest in their skin. If these past 2 years have taught us anything, it’s that self-care MUST be a priority. If you’ve switched to professional skincare then I commend you. I’m giving a virtual high five as you read this. Congratulationtions for taking action to give your skin exactly what it needs.

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Your home care prescriptives range from person to person. It’s about what you can commit to. What you are willing to do for your skin. We know it takes 67 days to create a habit and my clients can attest to the fact that I work with them to build a routine. I don’t force anyone to purchase a bunch of products that I’m not confident they will use, however, I work with you to build your skincare routine.

Today, I’m going to discuss why at home masks are a necessary addition (when you’re ready) to add to your skincare routine. What are they? Why do I need them? How do I select the right mask for me?

At home, facial masks have several functions.

  1. They can help trap moisture to help for more intense moisture and hydration. Let’s face it, the environemental conditions we face daily are hard on our skin. Many of us suffer from dry, dehdrated skin.
  2. Some face masks work as an intenstive exfoliant that removes dead skin cells and allows fresh skin to breathe. Most see that their skin looks healtheir with more of a glow when they commit to a weekly mask. Watch your skin texture become smoother too.
  3. Removes excess oils and decongets clogged pores for people who are working to clear their acne. This is a great weekly routine that can really elevate your skin game when working to clear acne and maintain the work you’ve done. Sulfer masks tend to work best for this.
  4. Enhances elasticity, refines fine lines and lighten and brightens aging skin. The skincare industry declared years ago that age manaement begins at the age of 18. My goal as a professional skin revisionist is to help clear your skin condition and Preserve your skin so that we can keep yourskin looking and feeling youthful as we age.
  5. Hyperpigmetnation, sun spots and melasma can be tough to get rid of, however masking weekly with the right prodcuts and active ingredients can help chip away at those brown spots.
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